I received the lion piece with base attached that you created for me and I must say you did a great job. I am very pleased with the attention to detail. It seems rare today to actually receive the workmanship quality promised with guidelines requested. With your work I found it, without a doubt. Thank you.

I telephoned and spoke to Matt briefly to verify payment method and asked him to pass on my appreciation. Still, I felt I wanted to thank you myself. I look forward to working with you again and will definitely refer you to others.

In appreciation,
Penny Wilson










Examples of our Custom made Bases

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Custom Wood & Stone Bases

The Base Shop combines the beauty of stone with the natural durability of wood to better enhance your sculpture.  We have many different route designs for wood and can add turntables to any wood or stone base over 5'' wide.  We also offer custom wood turnings upon request. All of the bases that we hand craft are unique to your art, built to your specifications, and are made of only the highest quality materials.


Example Wood Bases

     Examples of custom turnings,



by Pat Kennedy    


by Raj Paul


Hulien Jade, Bubinga base (wood & stone)



Walnut Bases,
gloss black finish


Contour, custom shape Walnut base


.     Wood combo black & natural stain on Walnut base

          Round, dual-layer  Walnut base            

Rectangular layers Walnut base

       Black Granite   Walnut base              

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