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      To better display your sculpture, The Base Shop can design and produce any style pedestal using wood, stone or a combination of both.  Lighting accents and turntables (manual or motorized) can be added to further customize your pedestal.  Below you will find a collection of photos highlighting some of our most popular styles.

We routinely work closely with you to custom produce a product to fit your specific needs. Our design / build service is provided at no cost to you.


 Motorized Turntables

      Turning at approximately 2 rotations per minute, our motorized turntables are smooth, quiet and can support up to 100 pounds.  We custom build every piece to your specifications, offering a large variety of different wood and stone choices as well as optional lighting accents to enhance presentation. 

Manual turntables can be added to any pedestal or base over 5'' wide.  These manual turntables are embedded into the wood or stone and are virtually invisible.

Here are some examples of a few different turntable pedestals and bases produced by The Base Shop.


sculpture by Glenna Goodacre

          Flat Panel  Cherry wood  turntable top  

Motorized Turntable black lacquer finish

  More Base Shop Pedestals            

Pedestal Cabinet w/ shelf  (stone top optional)

     Solid wood serving table with drawer              (choice of stone top)




Walnut Pedestal
Rojo Alaconte inlays


Pine Green Pedestal
Mohogony trim


Flat Panel
Heavy top


Classic Pedestal (stone or wood top)


Economical flat panel Rustic style



Elegant Table stone/wood top (shelf optional)


Space Saver two tier  designer stand


Decorative raised panel (Alder shown)


Pyramid Pedestal  (any height/wood)


Oval Pedestal round or contour (any height/wood)


Stunning Octagon  w/crown molding  (stone or wood top)



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